Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program
San Bernardino City honors its local, active Armed Services men and women who have graduated from a City high school, have parents or grandparents living in the City or who reside in the City. Council members Rikke Van Johnson and Virginia Marquez took the lead to see this program grew from seed to fruition; to date there are over 40 banners proudly displayed on the thoroughfares in our city.

Citizen of the Month Program

Because of their community involvement, a resident is selected as Citizen of the Month for the City of San Bernardino. The qualifications for this award are someone who is Concerned about their community. Someone who is an Investor of their Time and/or Talent to make their community a better place to work or live in. Someone who is deeply Involved in the positive progress of their community. Someone who is Zealous about the people that they come in contact with. Someone who is Enthusiastic about making a difference in their community. Basically someone who is very Neighborly. Since the idea was introduced by Councilman Johnson in 2004, there has been a multitude of Citizen of the Month awardees in the City of San Bernardino. Each month a Council Member honors someone who has shown these attributes.
A few honorees can be found on the website Photos page under Citizen of the Month.
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Route 66 Branding
All new businesses that open on Route 66 are required to display the Route 66 emblem visible to the street for recognition of the rich culture and history which threads through our city. The initiative was brought forth by Councilman Johnson.

The Magnolia at Highland Senior Apartment Complex
80 affordable senior apartment units on 2.4 acres with amenities that include lush landscaping, pool and spa area, outdoor fireplaces, barbecues, walking path, seating and more makes it the best senior complex in the City.

Fortune 500 Companies Distribution Warehousing – Generating Tax Revenue
  • FedEx
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Dollar Tree
  • Michelin
  • The opening of these companies brought in over 2,000 jobs into the city of San Bernardino.

Other businesses brought into the 6th Ward
  • McDonalds
  • Walgreens
  • Auto Zone
  • Expansion of Amapola’s Restaurant
  • Shopping Plaza @ 11th & Mt. Vernon Ave.

Anne Shirrells Park
Splash Pad helps children cool off in the heat of the summer.

  • Improvements have been completed throughout the 6th Ward
  • Storm Drainage improvements on Baseline & Medical Center Drive have alleviated a flooding problem which existed for decades when it rained.
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