action plan - economic stimulation
We need to work on job creation while maintaining, strengthening and growing our existing businesses.
Our City Chamber of Commerce, our Ethnic Chambers of Commerce and the San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency are necessary partners that can assist in supporting this effort. We need to engage them to become part of the process to improve the climate for existing businesses. Working collectively we can focus on attracting new businesses and industries. We have the available land and natural resources and a willing workforce; we just need to work proactively to make it happen.
  • I propose we work together to:
    • Simplify the City’s business license process.
    • Explore bringing in more fulfillment warehousing, like, to increase sales tax revenue.
    • Diversify our job portfolio for the future. We must engage the millennial generation and utilize their critical thinking to transform this city into a mecca for emerging Internet-tech and green-tech companies.
    • Use San Bernardino’s existing and improving transportation infrastructure; we will be the ‘hub’ in establishing a robust green sector to diversify the local economy, create jobs, and promote sustainability for the entire Inland Empire region. This will have the potential to grow a healthy base of professionals. Models and studies exist for us to explore and emulate.
    • Develop and implement the ‘Jade Valley’ – a strong foundation for green and environmentally friendly industries to provide future economic sustainability.
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