action plan - government simplification
In 2012, California had 482 cities - 361 were General Law and 121 were Charter Cities.
General Law cities owe their existence to state law and are consequentially governed by it; charter cities are governed by their own city charters. Cities incorporated in the 19th century tend to be charter cities. All ten of the state's most populous cities are charter cities.

The San Bernardino City Charter has 46 pages, plus over 200 City Attorney opinions. Our current form of government is antiquated and ambiguous.
  • I intend to:
    • Convene a group of local citizens that will investigate the pros and cons of General Law vs. Charter and provide recommendations to the Common Council.
    • Present the recommendations to the Common Council and/or directly to the voters to simplify the government.
    • Work to remove Section 186 from the City Charter. Section 186 requires the City to raise the salaries of Public Safety using cities whose median income is $20,000 or more than San Bernardino. Salaries should be managed under a Memorandum of Understanding, a document better suited for agreements between a city and its bargaining units.
    • Require a minimum 10% budget reserve.
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