action plan - public safety dedication
We must weigh the options; either continue to pay salaries at the present rate and let the City you represent dissolve or decrease the salaries and work together to save our City.

Presently 81% of our Personnel budget is used to support Public Safety. My objective is to protect and grow the Public Safety budget, but it must be directly proportional to increases in our revenue.
  • My focus will be to:
    • Reduce crime rates.
    • Decrease gang violence and gang activity.
    • Explore sharing some of our police services regionally, such as S.W.A.T., to trim cost in service.
    • Increase public accountability, transparency and improve resident perceptions and relations.
    • Explore all options in how we deliver fire services as a City.
    • Require the Police and Fire departments to implement a plan for ensuring a diverse public safety workforce. This change can be achieved by increasing pathways for local residents to obtain Public Safety positions; community residents should have priority access to high compensation City jobs.
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